Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Loveable Hubby

I have a great hubby, i think he's the best. He is the most kindest, will do anything for you kind of bloke. Even when i'm laying on the couch and he's in the kitchen, and i yell out the old saying

"While you are in the kitchen would you get me a drink , please"

He always gets it, and i'm really bad at doing this to him, funny i could count on 1 hand how many times he's done it to me.

I went out to a Pampered Chef party last night for a few hours leaving him to watch a movie with our daughter 'Amber' as our son was at a friends. All is well and they had a good time. I always love hubby's don't always check things like us mum's, we never stop thinking about the kids.

1. Have they brushed their teeth
2. Did they pee before bed
3. Do they have their pull-ups on

It always cracks me up that my hubby is soooooooooooo good but seems to fall to the wayside with thinking that maybe :
He should of cleared out the popcorn from our bed sheets before i got home to lay in them for sleep time.

Then i go check the kids and give them a kiss good night, and as always pat their bums to check they have pull-ups on and hey presto !!! Amber doesn't have one on, even though hubby did remind her, Amber didn't do it.

But leaving it on this note a Mum Always Checks and Double Checks.......right!!!

Tell me about your hubby stories,The Good The Bad and The Ugly

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Miss Blondie said...

Your hubby is a good guy!! I have no stories, you know that, although I have lots of "date" stories.