Friday, April 17, 2009

Out On The Pull-Not !!

I just went out last Friday,and crazy mum me forgot to put up my thoughts for my night out.So a memory of a week ago, and also a jealous thought, now I'm staying in tonight.

Anyway i had my oldest friend, bearing in mind i have only been in the country roughly about 14-15 years,she's as longest a friendship i got. Anyway let's call her T and she phoned me to hang out didn't care where, just wanted to see me, oh how sweet.

So i decided she didn't have her kid, and had just joined Weight Watchers, so i cooked dinner for my family and her (healthy style) and was in my p.j's all comfy @ 6pm when she arrived.
How sad, i know your saying, BUT we mum's have all been there after a long week, and a good friend doesn't care what your wearing...right!!!

Any how we had a good dinner couple of alcohol lemonades, and then another recent divorced friend of mine phones me to see if we were still going to the bar, which we were not as we had decided to stay at mine and be lazy.

Any how i changed the plans and after 4 lemonades wanted to get outta my house and hangout, so we met up with my friend K and had a few beers at a table, and the 3 of us girls all looked at each other deep in conversation and never took the time to look around at the talent (if there was any).

I find this so funny, i am happily married, so i never look, But to be single in your 30's, it really surprised me how these women never seemed interested,and they are both SINGLE!!!

How would you feel, i would hate to be single and have to be looking out for a good man every time i got rid of the the kids and let my hair down. We 3 are all mum's so it just shows you how tired out we all are by the end of the week, and would rather a great chat over being chatted up.
To all my single friends,which i seem to have a few off,i love you just don't want to have to be out looking for a man, to be it's another stress i don't want.

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