Friday, April 17, 2009

Out On The Pull-Not !!

I just went out last Friday,and crazy mum me forgot to put up my thoughts for my night out.So a memory of a week ago, and also a jealous thought, now I'm staying in tonight.

Anyway i had my oldest friend, bearing in mind i have only been in the country roughly about 14-15 years,she's as longest a friendship i got. Anyway let's call her T and she phoned me to hang out didn't care where, just wanted to see me, oh how sweet.

So i decided she didn't have her kid, and had just joined Weight Watchers, so i cooked dinner for my family and her (healthy style) and was in my p.j's all comfy @ 6pm when she arrived.
How sad, i know your saying, BUT we mum's have all been there after a long week, and a good friend doesn't care what your wearing...right!!!

Any how we had a good dinner couple of alcohol lemonades, and then another recent divorced friend of mine phones me to see if we were still going to the bar, which we were not as we had decided to stay at mine and be lazy.

Any how i changed the plans and after 4 lemonades wanted to get outta my house and hangout, so we met up with my friend K and had a few beers at a table, and the 3 of us girls all looked at each other deep in conversation and never took the time to look around at the talent (if there was any).

I find this so funny, i am happily married, so i never look, But to be single in your 30's, it really surprised me how these women never seemed interested,and they are both SINGLE!!!

How would you feel, i would hate to be single and have to be looking out for a good man every time i got rid of the the kids and let my hair down. We 3 are all mum's so it just shows you how tired out we all are by the end of the week, and would rather a great chat over being chatted up.
To all my single friends,which i seem to have a few off,i love you just don't want to have to be out looking for a man, to be it's another stress i don't want.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Many Fingers In Pies

Notice the one day i take a photo the sun is out blaring through the windy,oh well won't complain,right.

O.k so my last post was about bitching about the state of the workout basement area. Well guess what i got over that pretty fast and decided to make a mess all of my own, which my husband has not bitched to me once about, and we say MEN !! make all the mess.

Well i am cleaning up the mess each day, but it's an eye saw of a hallway wall right now, as i have Spackle all over the walls, and trying to make all the little horrible holes in the walls disappear overnight.

Anyway most of the walls in my house look like the inside of a cave, but we keep trying, it's an old house what can we say. So now my project and my husband' s this weekend is sheet rocking and spackerling the hallway....yah!!!! lucky us, maybe this time i will get a pic up of the end result.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Working Out !!

This is my basement / workout Room

I've been pretty good about going down here working out at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. I was thinking about this the other day, that there is too much clutter down there.

How is a girl meant to be motivated to be thin like Gillian Michael's, is that her name from 'The Biggest Loser'. She's the ripped chick with the flat stomach that i want. Bitch !!!

I mean really come on,i know I'm gonna be there 1 day and about 50lbs lighter.

I have to say that since Thursday i have not been down to the dungeon, so I'm already slacking, and i keep asking my husband to tidy up his tools, and move stuff around down there as it's a cluster f**k as i would say. The big monstrosity of a fridge/freezer right at the end of the elliptical, i think not, what was that man thinking putting it there.

Maybe it was to save me from falling off the machine who knows. It's never gonna be a stunning room, but hopefully i can put another pic up in a few weeks with it a little better looking.

O.k done with my bitching, i have to go Roller Skating with my daughter and the Daisy Troop, so at least there's my exercise for the day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sleeping Angel 1

This is my other angel Devlin who we cannot see, as this is how he sleeps completely covered up with his quilt .He is about to be 8yrs old and truly has had alot of difficulties being bi-polar, and look what an angel he is sleeping.
I couldn't resist showing this pic ( sorry it's a little dark) but he always sleeps completely covered, and always lets the cat have his pillow, isn't he cute for sharing.

Anyway he was a little upset with stuff yesterday, mainly getting tearful about something or other, i think too many neighbourhood kids over may have made it a little over whelming for him.
Overall with his new meds, he's a new and happier kid. We have waited around 3yrs to say this about our son, bless him.

Anyway wanted to share that thought about how we get to feel about our kids driving us crazy,but at night they are our angels

Sleeping Angel 2

This is my baby Amber who is almost 6yrs old.
How funny is it, when you go check on your kids at night, they look like such sweet angels, no matter what has gone on all day.
We couldn't help but take this shot of Amber last night looking relaxed.
As she really is a testy character, oh and bossy, did i forget bossy, cause she thinks she's about
15 yrs old and has the attitude to prove it. Yesterday was no exception with her, being bossy to my son, changing the outfit a few times, complaining about stuff and that also that she was bored and constantly asking me whats for dinner and can we go out instead, nice huh!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Loveable Hubby

I have a great hubby, i think he's the best. He is the most kindest, will do anything for you kind of bloke. Even when i'm laying on the couch and he's in the kitchen, and i yell out the old saying

"While you are in the kitchen would you get me a drink , please"

He always gets it, and i'm really bad at doing this to him, funny i could count on 1 hand how many times he's done it to me.

I went out to a Pampered Chef party last night for a few hours leaving him to watch a movie with our daughter 'Amber' as our son was at a friends. All is well and they had a good time. I always love hubby's don't always check things like us mum's, we never stop thinking about the kids.

1. Have they brushed their teeth
2. Did they pee before bed
3. Do they have their pull-ups on

It always cracks me up that my hubby is soooooooooooo good but seems to fall to the wayside with thinking that maybe :
He should of cleared out the popcorn from our bed sheets before i got home to lay in them for sleep time.

Then i go check the kids and give them a kiss good night, and as always pat their bums to check they have pull-ups on and hey presto !!! Amber doesn't have one on, even though hubby did remind her, Amber didn't do it.

But leaving it on this note a Mum Always Checks and Double Checks.......right!!!

Tell me about your hubby stories,The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Friday, April 3, 2009

Loosing My Virginity To Blogging !!!

I am a 35yr old woman who claims that i am pretty computer savvy. Well i seem to do o.k with downloading music, pics and being able to get around facebook fine. Better than my parents who are now just learning how to use a computer in their 50's ( and may i add doing a pretty good job at it too ) .

At least i have had alot of practise going through school using computers. Then i get introduced into blogging from a good friend who is an avid blogger, and wow what a world. I love it and the whole being but the html codes for making the page, way outta my league right now.

Not to say i won't learn and get better hopefully this side of 2009. So a big shout out to my friend Miss Blondie who helped set up my page today over a period of hours, Many, many thanks.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Craziness of being a mum

I am thinking that since i moved to the USA i have certainly met some of the crasiest people. Not to say it's all Americans, cause there are plenty in England too,but i feel it's the mum magnetic that attracts these people. I mean i get the strangest of people come up to me in Walmart,we'll maybe that explains it ,as my hubby says.
Anyway i even have a psycho neighbour that screams at her husband like a crazy lady...(well actually i think she is) anyway what grown hubby lets a woman scream like that,i mean i can hear her from across the street,normally it's about something i have or haven't done,so that tickles me more,i know i'm evil but i and my hubby can't help but crack up.I mean seriously is a good mum someone who lets their kid come over all day,BUT doesn't check on them due to the fact she's not speaking to me.I don't think so,and then when i take the kids over the road,due to a hurt knee to another kids mum's house,she flipped out,probably due to the fact i didn't tell her we were going.
Now i would love to take a poll,but am such a beginner here,don't know how to do these crazy things.So do people think i should be calling her up and telling her all if she doesn't check in on her son,not my responsibility i think.
Another crazy situation i think.Then to add it all up today my kids got a lecture from me about being respectful to me and their personal things,to then go pick up my daughter and get told that she had a bad attitude all morning and was not respectful.Does anyone else's kids react like this when something big is around the corner,i swear they do this every birthday,Xmas,Easter,any major holiday,it's like they can't cope with a great event coming.AHhhhhhhhhhhhh
I need more mums to vent too,but everyone seems too busy and my son always seems far worse than everyone else's kids,so that bugs me too.
The joy of an attitude 5yr old and a almost 8yr bi-polar child,mood swings ahhhhhhhhhh
off to clean the house and maybe later work out how to contact with other mum's on these blogs

Sunday, March 29, 2009

medicating your child

it's so funny,but yet not when u have to make this decision.Then after a while it becomes the day to day life of a mum.Well today i have hit my limit of trying to melt all different kinds of chocolate and not burn it,i mean who knew that while your melting chocolate,it starts to become hard,not me for sure.
Well i tell u trying to hide meds in stuff so it's easier for your kid to take day in day out is not fun,not to say he doesn't know it's his medicine,he does,but he too gets sick of the taste.
I have been trying all sorts of ice cube tray molds to make it easier in eating,and all different kinds of chocolate,but nothing really helps.
So today i tried getting chocolate pudding and crushing the meds and mixing it with the pudding,and hey presto lets see what happens tomorrow if it's a good morning or not with the med be continued.....

going out for dinner

So we all know how hard or expensive it is to go out for dinner.....right !!! between getting the date organised with other couples or getting the money for the date with hubby and the money for the babysitter @ $10 a hour ...which i pay right now for a 5 and 7 yr last night my hubby and i went out for the 1st time with our next door neighbours who we have lived next door to for 5 years now.We went for a quick dinner in a surrounding town to us .
So you know we chat ,take a while deciding and then order........but in the meantime we are wondering why the waiter (who only has our table) takes so long between getting us a round of drinks,then a coffee............adventurely comes back to take our orders.......we get 3 outta 4 dinners.......and then our neighbours dinner is wrong and then they send it back and all they do is cut in half and send the burger back...........STILL WRONG .....then she sends it back again,as it's meant to be a club sandwich on bread.......10mins later..after i have finished my dinner along with my hubby's and her husbands .she gets her food right...BUT with the same burger from 10mins ago,BUT now it's been burnt.........and all we got as a consolation prize was her dinner for free which she didn't eat and a free round of drinks................WOW!!!!!! sometimes i wonder why we go out for dinner......the waiter gets pissy with us for sending it back when it's not right.....BUT yet they are not realising that WE as PARENTS are just trying to get a little free space with other adults on top of that a little of some good cooked food that we didn't cook........what is sooooooooooooooo hard in that huh!!! and then the waiter thinks we are going to tip him/her 20% for doing nothing and not being on our side...........what a crock..........we then left leaving the horrible waiter hardly any tip, to go to a bar and get dessert.which at least we thought we needed after all this....and oh a few more drinks............then to go home and pay the babysitter for $45...............WOW ........sometimes i wonder why we bother .really!!!
ok here i am open to all to see,and a complete novice at this.......and i am screaming at myself why my friend Miss Blondie put me up to this blogging page.but i know i will love it adventurely but it is soooooooooooooooo frustrating to know what to click on to get my post on people's blogs......i don't know how to do this and plus the fact i'm having a beer and trying to type and my kids are driving me crazy with their neediness there no rest.....why is it when u get online to type or email or make a phone call it's like a magnet to a child to need your 100% attention.........god help me even though i don't believe in religion .it seems the word to say here otherwise i would be swearing ............anyway i hope people will find me and help me out here.......