Sunday, March 29, 2009

medicating your child

it's so funny,but yet not when u have to make this decision.Then after a while it becomes the day to day life of a mum.Well today i have hit my limit of trying to melt all different kinds of chocolate and not burn it,i mean who knew that while your melting chocolate,it starts to become hard,not me for sure.
Well i tell u trying to hide meds in stuff so it's easier for your kid to take day in day out is not fun,not to say he doesn't know it's his medicine,he does,but he too gets sick of the taste.
I have been trying all sorts of ice cube tray molds to make it easier in eating,and all different kinds of chocolate,but nothing really helps.
So today i tried getting chocolate pudding and crushing the meds and mixing it with the pudding,and hey presto lets see what happens tomorrow if it's a good morning or not with the med be continued.....

going out for dinner

So we all know how hard or expensive it is to go out for dinner.....right !!! between getting the date organised with other couples or getting the money for the date with hubby and the money for the babysitter @ $10 a hour ...which i pay right now for a 5 and 7 yr last night my hubby and i went out for the 1st time with our next door neighbours who we have lived next door to for 5 years now.We went for a quick dinner in a surrounding town to us .
So you know we chat ,take a while deciding and then order........but in the meantime we are wondering why the waiter (who only has our table) takes so long between getting us a round of drinks,then a coffee............adventurely comes back to take our orders.......we get 3 outta 4 dinners.......and then our neighbours dinner is wrong and then they send it back and all they do is cut in half and send the burger back...........STILL WRONG .....then she sends it back again,as it's meant to be a club sandwich on bread.......10mins later..after i have finished my dinner along with my hubby's and her husbands .she gets her food right...BUT with the same burger from 10mins ago,BUT now it's been burnt.........and all we got as a consolation prize was her dinner for free which she didn't eat and a free round of drinks................WOW!!!!!! sometimes i wonder why we go out for dinner......the waiter gets pissy with us for sending it back when it's not right.....BUT yet they are not realising that WE as PARENTS are just trying to get a little free space with other adults on top of that a little of some good cooked food that we didn't cook........what is sooooooooooooooo hard in that huh!!! and then the waiter thinks we are going to tip him/her 20% for doing nothing and not being on our side...........what a crock..........we then left leaving the horrible waiter hardly any tip, to go to a bar and get dessert.which at least we thought we needed after all this....and oh a few more drinks............then to go home and pay the babysitter for $45...............WOW ........sometimes i wonder why we bother .really!!!
ok here i am open to all to see,and a complete novice at this.......and i am screaming at myself why my friend Miss Blondie put me up to this blogging page.but i know i will love it adventurely but it is soooooooooooooooo frustrating to know what to click on to get my post on people's blogs......i don't know how to do this and plus the fact i'm having a beer and trying to type and my kids are driving me crazy with their neediness there no rest.....why is it when u get online to type or email or make a phone call it's like a magnet to a child to need your 100% attention.........god help me even though i don't believe in religion .it seems the word to say here otherwise i would be swearing ............anyway i hope people will find me and help me out here.......