Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Many Fingers In Pies

Notice the one day i take a photo the sun is out blaring through the windy,oh well won't complain,right.

O.k so my last post was about bitching about the state of the workout basement area. Well guess what i got over that pretty fast and decided to make a mess all of my own, which my husband has not bitched to me once about, and we say MEN !! make all the mess.

Well i am cleaning up the mess each day, but it's an eye saw of a hallway wall right now, as i have Spackle all over the walls, and trying to make all the little horrible holes in the walls disappear overnight.

Anyway most of the walls in my house look like the inside of a cave, but we keep trying, it's an old house what can we say. So now my project and my husband' s this weekend is sheet rocking and spackerling the hallway....yah!!!! lucky us, maybe this time i will get a pic up of the end result.

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