Thursday, April 2, 2009

Craziness of being a mum

I am thinking that since i moved to the USA i have certainly met some of the crasiest people. Not to say it's all Americans, cause there are plenty in England too,but i feel it's the mum magnetic that attracts these people. I mean i get the strangest of people come up to me in Walmart,we'll maybe that explains it ,as my hubby says.
Anyway i even have a psycho neighbour that screams at her husband like a crazy lady...(well actually i think she is) anyway what grown hubby lets a woman scream like that,i mean i can hear her from across the street,normally it's about something i have or haven't done,so that tickles me more,i know i'm evil but i and my hubby can't help but crack up.I mean seriously is a good mum someone who lets their kid come over all day,BUT doesn't check on them due to the fact she's not speaking to me.I don't think so,and then when i take the kids over the road,due to a hurt knee to another kids mum's house,she flipped out,probably due to the fact i didn't tell her we were going.
Now i would love to take a poll,but am such a beginner here,don't know how to do these crazy things.So do people think i should be calling her up and telling her all if she doesn't check in on her son,not my responsibility i think.
Another crazy situation i think.Then to add it all up today my kids got a lecture from me about being respectful to me and their personal things,to then go pick up my daughter and get told that she had a bad attitude all morning and was not respectful.Does anyone else's kids react like this when something big is around the corner,i swear they do this every birthday,Xmas,Easter,any major holiday,it's like they can't cope with a great event coming.AHhhhhhhhhhhhh
I need more mums to vent too,but everyone seems too busy and my son always seems far worse than everyone else's kids,so that bugs me too.
The joy of an attitude 5yr old and a almost 8yr bi-polar child,mood swings ahhhhhhhhhh
off to clean the house and maybe later work out how to contact with other mum's on these blogs


Miss Blondie said...

I LOVE YOU!!! You can vent to me anytime...wait you already do!

Jenn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your background..very cute !

You can talk to me anytime you want, I have 4 almost 5 kids and no adults to talk to here at all so I'm always here going nuts with kids.